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Sticky Lint Roller


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Picks up everything but the laundry!  Perfect for RV Travel.  And completely reusable.  No more peeling paper off for each use!

Perfect for picking up threads off the floor and off design walls in your sewing room!

Easy to clean and re-use.  Wash with warm water.  Use your hands to remove any lint or debris from the roller.  Rinse.
Pat dry with a lint free dishtowel.  Don't use paper towels. 

Every few uses, wash with (blue) Dawn dish detergent to remove oil buildup and restore stickiness.

Large roller with extending aluminum handle to use on floors, drapes, ceilings, and much more. 

Medium handheld roller for tablecloths, furniture and pets.

Clear Roller cover included with Large and Medium Rollers.

Small pocket/purse size roller with hinged cover for easy travel.